Adopt a portuguese ancestral organic olive tree

Can you imagine having the opportunity to taste and enjoy olive oil produced by a tree that was already mature at the time when Luis de Camões wrote Lusíadas or Shakespeare wrote King Lear?… Now is possible.

Menção honrosa Natural.PT PT-BIO 08
Menção honrosa Natural.PT PT-BIO 08
Adoptar oliveira milenar biologica portuguesa

how it all began

When we first set eyes on Azeitona Verde, one of the features we found most appealing was the impressively beautiful olive trees set in an olive grove lost in time. Some of these were well over 5 metres tall with magnificent trunks. They gave the property a magical feeling and recovering them became our top priority.

Today we are proud of our labour and the environment friendly way this was achieved. Olive groves, such as these, are slowly disappearing, due to the rise of newer and more modern intensive olive groves yielding greater quantity but of a differing quality. It is fundamental that we look after and maintain these living monuments if for no other reason than as a tribute to the time and history they have witnessed.

As exciting is being able to share our project and produce with you and that’s why we’ve decided to launch this project to “Adopt an ancestral organic olive tree ®”

how to adopt

First choose one of the olive trees on our list below – you may choose either your favourite hero or the personality which most appeals to you. On clicking on any of these, you are directed to our online shop where you can select the tree of your choice, inform whether it is a gift voucher or not and log out.

what’s in it for me?

By adopting one of our olive trees, you are adopting it for 1 year. You receive a kit with an adoption certificate, an identity card of the olive tree you adopted, our organic extra virgin olive oil Azeitona Verde, perfect for your special and healthy dishes and a recipe book among other surprises that we have prepared for you during the adoption period.


By adopting one of these olive trees, you become a member of an exclusive group of people that is concerned with the environment, food and likes to know the origins and people behind the products at their table. Will be invited to come celebrate with us events or special dates or come and give a hug to your olive tree.

Join us to show the importance of keeping alive these trees and ancient olive groves

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Terms and conditions

We accept adoptions worldwide. All orders are handled directly by us. Read more.


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