Chickens and Eggs

Nov 18, 2015 | Learn | 0 comments

Our most recent love is for chickens! We really want some chickens for our farm and we are already dreaming about all the fresh eggs, especially fried in our olive oil with Miguel’s bread, yum! And because we are really imaginative dreamers we are already thinking of names for our beloved chickens, how we will grow them to be avid foragers and eat herbs and worms, how we will run after them, protect them from the foxes. Yes, they will be spoiled, and we can bet they will be beautiful. We are so excited that next year we might do a contest for a Miss Chicken Alentejo 2016!

Do you know that chickens lay 260 eggs per year?

fresh eggs

An old egg, when carefully dropped in a recipient with water will float, a fresh egg will sink. Another tip is that when you fry eggs the yolk of a fresh egg is perky, in an old egg the yolk will just “sink”.