Save the soil

Jan 16, 2017 | Learn

This year I was invited to participate in Terra Sã event, a biological agriculture fair, organized by Agrobio (Association of Biological Agriculture) that took place in Lisbon on the 3rd and 4th of December of 2016.

salvar o solo

The challenge was to participate in a lecture dedicated to the importance of soil. This invitation was, above all, due to a work that I began to develop this year on a space that Azeitona Verde has in Lisbon, at Príncipe Real, called A Sociedade.

Here, among the many events we organize connected to food, environment and sustainability, is where happens the Experimental Conversations Around The Table, where we invite a group of experts in food-related areas – growers, biologists, scientists, traders, chefs – and where everyone talks about their area and alert us to what is right and wrong in production, and what we should and could do to change it. In this same group, journalists and bloggers are included, with the intention of sharing information, because unfortunately, there are many things that are wrong in the food production and the consumer doesn’t know. It is important, therefore, to bring true and credible information to consumers, to make them safer and more conscious on their choices.

And what does this have to do with the soil, you ask?

Everything, because this issue depends largely on the soil.

Anyone who knows us knows, I am not an agronomist, but all I know comes from passion, curiosity, study and experience.

Talk about what is happening to the ground was one of the themes that was planned for one of the next conversations at A Sociedade and from there we brought the subject to Terra Sã.

The soil is still a mystery to a large part of us today. If I ask a person on the street if the sea has life, i’m sure will say without hesitation that yes, but if you ask the same about the soil, many will not respond as quickly. Unfortunately, a large part of the people when think of soil, only sees a small dimension of it, a substrate, something brown and inert, but the soil is so much more than that…

Although I know the soil, due to the contact I maintain as a biological farmer, and the work we do on the farm to preserve and improve it constantly, I don’t think that I ever realize the importance of what is under our feet, until I study more about the theme.

The soil is a living system with very important functions, but most of us are not sufficiently aware of its value, and it is therefore essential to speak of these functions, demystifying and giving them the due credit.

The main one is to recognize that there is life in the soil and that we have to respect it. After all, 99% of global food comes from it.

Continuous on the next post.