Passionate about food and cooking, Cláudia ( one one of the co-founders of Azeitona Verde) has extended her interests and concerns to include how the food we eat is actually produced,  and it is with these three topics in mind that she creates her cookery books. Her main purpose being to gently lead people back to producing their own food, back to their kitchens and homemade meals and also to become more interested and inquisitive about the food they eat.
Book Living The Extra Virgin Life

‘Living the Extra Virgin Life’ book

For all those who want to discover more about olive oil, this wonderful food that has played a key role in the evolution of mankind over the centuries.

Livro Da Horta Para a Mesa

‘Da Horta Para a Mesa’ book

Written with the view of telling the story of how the organic garden at Azeitona Verde came about, this book entices readers with the love of growing their own fruit and vegetables to prepare their food.

Livro Brunch

‘Brunch’ book

In collaboration with her eldest daughter, Sarah, who shares the same taste for good food, this book was written with one of their favourite meals in mind – the uncomplicated and healthy  brunch.

about Cláudia

Cláudia Villax

Collaborated in financial newspapers and leisure magazines. She was invited in 2003 to be part of the founding team of an innovative project, the Blue – Living, Travel and Cooking magazines. Four years later she launched Giggle, a project for young children. In 2009 she created the logo and launched the brand for a Portuguese chef. After this, she decided to dedicate herself to her greatest passions: family, food, creativity, photography and design. At present she is involved in the production of organic olive oil Azeitona Verde, jointly with her husband and also manages Food, People &Design, which creates concepts for cookbooks, foodstyling and food photography, along with A Sociedade, a creative gastronomic studio operating from Lisbon, where food meets environmental protection and creativity. An active believer of the need to defend Earth and biodiversity, Cláudia received an honorable distinction for her involvement in her campaign to «Adopt a Ancestral Organic Olive Tree». This project was devised to divulge and alert the population to what was happening to Portuguese traditional olive groves and local olive varieties.
Other books published by the author: Da Horta para a Mesa and Brunch having both received the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, the former for «Best Vegetarian Cookbook» and the latter as «Best Design» and «Best Easy recipes Cookbook».