Organic olive oil Azeitona Verde

It is from our traditional and ancient olive grove with ‘Galega’ and ‘Cordovil’ olive varieties, produced in organic methods, that comes our organic extra virgin olive oil Azeitona Verde. An olive oil born from trees full of life and that inhabit this place, also full of history itself.

100% Sumo de azeitonas biológicas PT-BIO 08
100% Sumo de azeitonas biológicas PT-BIO 08

our olive oil

Our olive grove is our pride and joy, with some of the trees planted by the romans who inhabited this land, nurtured by the Moors for over four hundred years and today a true living monument of our Portuguese heritage, faithfully producing simple, true, exquisite and natural olive oil.

At our farm we strive for Quality and Tradition and treat our olive trees, patiently, individually and with the respect they deserve. Unlike recent commercial olive groves that are gown intensively as a vineyard our trees are sparsely planted and grown in a 100% organic environment. It is this type of olive oil: unique, natural, full of history and wisdom that we like to produce.

The olive picking is done manually and starts early, extraction is strictly mechanical via cold press which delivers an olive oil with a deep green color, with a fruity taste of freshly cut herb and with a slight delayed sting to it.

our olives

Our organic extra virgin olive oil Azeitona Verde is a soft mix of Galega and Cordovil different flavours: sweet, green and spicy.

The smallest of Portuguese olives (an exclusively Portuguese variety) a sweet tasting olive oil with a touch of slightly unripe apple, a little spicy and with a whiff of dried fruit. It is the ideal olive oil for cooking because of its soft taste and can equally be used for baking. It is the perfect olive oil for the whole family (including children and babies) not only on account of its sweet and soft taste but also due to its high content of anti-oxidants such as tocoferol and liposoluble vitamins. The high content of fat saturated acids turns it into olive oil which solidifies easily under extreme temperatures, returning to its normal liquid appearance when back to normal temperatures.
Cordovil olives are rich in polifenol and fat acids. Spicier, with a slightly greater unripe taste and a lemony zing.

“Our Olive trees grow at their own pace, following the change of the seasons, year after year, as they have done so for centuries, with fresh water and plenty of sunshine.”

My favorite of the hundreds we have tried and the one that I like to keep in stock at all times is Azeitona Verde. This olive oil is absolutely the best tasting olive oil around and its Biological… — Melissa Gordon
The olive oil Azeitona Verde is thin, light and smooth with fresh green herb aromas. A delight, as we used to just snack with a little Alentejo bread! It’s really good! Thank you! — Sofia Burnay

our tips

Acidity is no longer the best “yardstick”…
Nowadays, olive oil can be adulterated with surprising ease. Do not base you choice on the degree of acidity as a low quality olive oil can be chemically processed to show 0% acidity!
A far better option is to know the producer, have the information on what it contains and how it was produced. It is therefore always a good option to buy your olive oil locally.
Extra virgin olive oils produced biologically are obviously olive oils made with care and bearing in mind both the health of the consumer and respect for the environment. As such, production is both difficult and onerous.

It is olive oil produced biologically in accordance to European regulations. This means production must comply with important directives, mainly:

  • Totally free or very restricted use of chemical products;
  • Fund maintenance of soil fertilization;
  • Elaborated exclusively in olive presses which guarantee total separation from the common circuit;
  • Fully controlled from production to commercialisation;
  • Packed and labelled where the phrase “Biological Agriculture” may be used;
  • Name of controlling agent printed on label.

Extra virgin olive oil is extracted exclusively from olives through mechanical processes employing thermal conditions which do not alter its composition. Olives do not undergo any processes apart from: washing, preparation of the pulp, separation of solid and liquid matter, decantation and filtering. The resulting end product is olive “juice”; it is 100% natural and preserves all goodness present in the fruit.

Extra virgin Olive oil: A superior quality olive oil tasting of well preserved olives; acidity varies from 0 to 0.8% acidity.

Virgin Olive oil: Good quality olive oil with less than 2% acidity.

Olive oil: Olive oil chemically refined from olives which may no longer be in the best conditions. This is cheaper oil, in many cases with 1% degree of acidity.

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