Home Cooking

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At home, we all love to cook! From the youngest to the oldest, we like to spend hours in the kitchen experimenting and discovering new flavours. Above all we like to see who can create the dish that will impress the most – it’s hard in a family with refined taste for food.

My children started their culinary adventures with natural juices. They would just pick the fruit and turned it into smoothies or juices. Then they began to want to discover new flavours and started by mixing herbs they fetched from the garden or other fruits. Today, they have become true specialists and no one can surpass their strawberry juice with basil or lime or even their mint pineapple juice. The truth is that they can never repeat the same recipe twice. After this followed the bruschetta, a treat they love and which they decided to recreate using their favourite products, such as tuna or hard boiled egg. Now, after spending a vacation with a chef who is our friend, a one star Michelin chef with loads of patience who took them into his kitchen and taught them to make the most delicious coconut pancakes, while showing them how easy it is to make good food, they have gained wings and have never been the same. Week-end tea times made by our two boys have become very tasty discoveries for the whole family.

My husband brings inspiration from places where he has lived- Asia and the U.K. My daughter and I love cooking. We are at the same time both curious and eager to know more and enjoy recreating the food we have tasted at friends’ homes, in restaurants, in our travels or even from books and blogs we have read. However, we all share the same debility: we find it hard to follow a recipe to the end. To invent and transform is definitely on the agenda for us all.

We like to cook all year round but it is above all in the summer, when our garden is at its peak and the house filled with friends, that food becomes all important. Vegetables arrive fresh and full of flavour from the garden, just perfect for experimenting and trying out different ways of cooking! Then our friends arrive, bringing with them tips, tricks and secrets to share, wanting to cook new dishes for us. With the huge abundance of vegetables, we allow our imagination to fly and cook even more than usual…

Defining the food we eat at home would be difficult, mainly because it is a mixture of different taste and culture preferences (naturally always with lots of vegetables added in for good measure). With us you never know, you might enjoy a typical soup from the Alentejo such as “mogamgo”, a sarapatel, a Thai vegetable curry, beef welinghton, or a pasta with pesto, an aubergine our way, or tabouleh prepared the way a Lebanese friend taught us, or even when our neighbour decides to teach us, yet again, how to make bread the traditional Alentejo way… you never know, it depends on the moment and the mood. However, the one thing I am certain of is that we do eat well!