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Apartment grown vegetable gardens

Apartment grown vegetable gardens

If the reason for living in an apartment has always been an excuse for not growing your own vegetable garden, we regret to inform you that this no longer is valid as an excuse! Some of the advantages of planting your own vegetable garden are: always having fresh products at hand, reducing household expenses, having a varied diet, relaxing and having the opportunity of engaging the whole family in a common and shared activity.

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Frozen herb olive oil

A good way of keeping fresh herbs is to pick them at their peak freezing them for enjoying later in sauces and winter stews.

The future is clearly Agro ecology

Agro ecology is the word that best defines sustainable agricultural production. This type of agriculture takes into account, respects and integrates the environmental, social, political, cultural, economic and ethical reality in which it is inserted. Different practices and theories evolved stemming from the same agro ecological root; namely:

Water; It’s in our hands

Although the national agriculture results for 2017 are better when compared to previous years, it is obvious that we are living through a period of drought, particularly since the beginning of last summer.

Coconut oil or olive oil? Olive oil please!

Powerful multinationals with no respect for the rules established by “Fair Trade” have succeeded in turning coconut oil into a fashionable product. This is rapidly dethroning traditional products, destroying regional biodiversity and bringing about negative consequences for the country’s economy.

Apple and cinnamon tea

On these cold days, nothing better than to warm up with a good cup of tea. If its homemade with our own products, tastes even better!

Save the soil

This year I was invited to participate in Terra Sã event, a biological agriculture fair, organized by Agrobio.


After our adventure with the diospdkas, we now turn to infusions.