Organic farming

Organic farming is a production system that promotes and enhances a healthier agro-ecosystem, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. Organic farming is based on a series of principles and common practices designed to reduce human impact on the environment and to ensure that everything works in the most natural way possible.


Natural & Organic is no mere cliché for us at Azeitona Verde

Agricultura Biológica

It is our creed, dictating the way we work, elaborate our products and protect the environment. We take this commitment very seriously for it is our belief that health and well-being must always come first.
What differentiates organic farming from the conventional one is that the 1st nourish and treats the soil  the  2nd treat  the plants. The soil is a system intrinsically related to everything around it. This relationship is altered through the use of chemicals. It is our firm belief that from a soil that is healthy and well cared for you will obtain equally healthy products.

Join us in our venture and you will find yourself falling in love with a more natural world.

Agricultura Biológica

the principles we follow

Maintaining and preserving the surrounding environment, minimizing degradation and soil erosion, ensuring long term soil fertility and optimizing the conditions for organic activity. We also believe in maintaining organic diversity, providing the necessary care to promote the health and welfare of animals as well as recycling materials and resources, and to reduce pollution.

we promote

The use of local resources, such as: the use of animal manure, the use of shredded remains of pruning wood to use as fertilizer, crop rotation, mixed cropping and the use of green manures.

we have no place for

We have no place for herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Equally there is no place for synthetic or genetically modified organisms.

Organic farming methods often involve more work, but have a lower impact on the environment.

“And that’s why we love what is natural”

Because we love our country and all that goes with it! Our seasonal products, portuguese organic olive oil from ancient trees, our traditions, bread that really tastes like bread, herbs, the bees, the rain and the cold weather that comes round every winter and the summer’s heat, the freshness and flavor of home prepared meals, regional handcrafted products, we like looking up and seeing the stars in the night sky, watching hens running freely in back yards, clear fresh water murmuring along a brook, the chirping of birds.