Living the Extra Virgin Life

For all those who want to discover more about olive oil, this wonderful food that has played a key role in the evolution of mankind over the centuries. The history, characteristics and delicious different recipes that can be created.

“Millenarian knowlodge, in olive oil, in agriculture, with deep love and respect for Mother Earth” — Jaime Ferreira (Chairman on Board at Agrobio)

“Cláudia Villax is deeply in love with olive oil, both in theory and in practice. I think se has already contaminated family and friends and will now add further adepts onto her list. ” — Prof. José Gouveia (Oleologist)

livro a vida virgem extra

The natural way

Since we create Azeitona Verde we have dedicated a number of years to research, with the intention of improving our produce. Alomg the way we became further and further captivated by different shades of green and purple and black, which is later converted in your discovery of olive oil.

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