Brunch + than 150 recipes for perfect mornings

Awarded best simple recipes cookbook and best design by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015, “Brunch” brings you more than 150 simple and delicious recipes, that invite you to venture into the kitchen and make your weekends even more special. From milkshakes to sandwiches, juices and salads, to more elaborate suggestions, always easy, even for the less experienced in cooking.

Melhor livro vegetariano português em 2013
Warning once you flip through this book. It is natural to give you a hunger strike and an uncontrollable desire to organize a brunch. — In Revista Lux Woman
“The book is so complete (and so well photographed) that also includes suggestions of where to eat a good brunch in Lisbon and Porto, for mornings when laziness gets to you.” — in Jornal Observador
“A book to use in the weekend, who has a young spirit, trendy and cool.“ — in blogue Fashion Table
Livro Brunch

more than 150 recipes with photography over 272 pages

After the adventures in our organic vegetable garden in Marvão, we bring you ‘Brunch’, a celebration to the most important moment of the week – the weekend. Keeping us faithful to the simple and full income flavor, always associated with fresh ingredients and the season we like so much and to do at home, this book brings together a selection of the tastiest and uncomplicated recipes that we were tasting, whether in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East or at home with friends, in restaurants, cafes and hotels, or through chefs who we were meeting.

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